My name is Elizabeth and I’m a third-year pediatrics resident at the University of Chicago. I have been drawn to both primary and critical care since early on in medical school, so I’m combining my passions and will be pursuing fellowship in neonatology and plan to also see patients as their primary pediatrician in a complex/high risk follow up clinic as an attending. I’m interested in underserved population medicine, healthcare delivery and quality improvement, patient advocacy, and the unique physiology of medically complex tiny humans.

I have a dog named Auggie who I love more than anything in the entire world! I also love Chicago architecture and history, reading for leisure and for knowledge, good restaurants, and interior design concepts.

Disclaimer: nothing on my blog should be taken as medical advice, as anything written here is only my personal opinion and is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. Please talk to your own physician or healthcare provider if you have questions or are considering any lifestyle changes. Anything written here does not reflect the opinion of the University of Chicago, its Medical Center, Comer Children’s Hospital, or the pediatric residency program. However, I am on the pediatric intern selection committee and social media interactions may or may not influence my opinions shared in an official capacity. I do not have any influence over Pritzker medical school admissions or any other policies at the University.