LIIFT4 Review

As always, I’ll insert the disclaimer that I am not and will not be and do not want a beach body coach. I just like the workouts.

This is my absolute favorite fitness program ever. I knew I liked it within the first 5 minutes of the first workout, but now that I’ve been working out with Joel 4 days a week for the last 8 weeks I can definitively say I am a huge fan of him and this program. The workouts are relatively short, but there’s almost zero downtime so it moves really quickly and gets a lot of work accomplished. I’m probably as strong as I’ve ever been in my life. I mean, 10 pound shoulder presses? Who am I?!

In fact, I liked this program so much that I think I’m going to start again next week. This is a pretty big deal to me, because I petered out with workouts after 80 Day Obsession and I don’t want to lose any of this level of fitness like I did then. With 80DO, at the end of 3 months of near-daily grueling workouts, I was completely exhausted and not ready to keep going at that level of intensity, so I wasn’t doing anything very consistently from October to January, and it showed. The level  of intensity here isn’t much lower, but it’s been way more enjoyable for me personally and I’m up for round 2!

I have especially liked learning some classic weightlifting, mixing it up with HIIT, and the fact that there is a challenging ab series at the end of every workout. Joel is also an excellent and positive trainer, and he doesn’t waste time telling stories or jokes (ahem, Autumn and Tony). It’s all about the workout and I really appreciate that because my time is valuable to me. It also leaves flexibility to do some other workouts throughout the week, which I have really liked being able to do!

The nutrition plan was a little out of reach for me, mainly because I almost always eat lunch at work and I honestly hate meal prepping and carrying lunch to work. There’s usually pretty healthy options so that’s not the issue, it’s just a lot of what I get there isn’t on the approved foods list. Instead, I’ve just been tracking macros (by percentage ~45c/30f/25p, which is about as much protein as I can manage as a pescatarian) and I’m following about an 80/20 rule, which means I don’t go hungry and still have a couple of good cheat meals every week. I definitely don’t drink Shakeology (so expensive and so much sugar ) but I do drink a Vega Sport smoothie (1g sugar vs 7g in Shakeo) on days that I work out because I think it could be too easy to lose weight with this program if I just ate what I wanted.

One thing that I’m really happy that I have learned about myself is that I can in fact stick with something without doing all or nothing, as I’ve been prone to do in the past. Everything about this program is so well balanced that I feel I could keep going for quite a while without burning out or losing interest. That scores major points for me!

All that said, I may take a break and do Transform :20 after I finish my PICU rotation (because I am a granny and I love step aerobics) just so LIIFT4 stays fresh for months when I can’t work out every day.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Have you tried this program?

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