80DO Phase 2 Review

I honestly cannot believe I’ve stuck with a series of workouts for this long!! I have probably only been in better shape at one point in my adult life and at the rate I’m going, I’m fairly certain I’m going to pass that level of fitness pretty soon. How cool is that?

(I’ll again insert the disclaimer that I am not and will not be and do not want a beach body coach. I just like the workouts.)

The whole structure of the program is that in week one of each phase you do 2 rounds of 15 reps, week 2 is three rounds of 10 reps, week 3 is 3×10 rounds, and week 4 is 2×15 rounds. Week 1 is definitely the hardest because you’re just trying to figure out what to do, but by the end it just gets fun to see how far you’ve come… if a little boring!

  1. Booty: unlike phase 1, this version requires more than just resistance loops and you end up lifting a lot of weights. I really wish I had more than 10 pound dumbbells, but I have a hard time getting myself to a) leave the house or b) buy more heavy objects that I’m going to have to pay to move in 10 months, so I try to get the form right and use what I’ve got to maximize the impact of the workout. Of note, I’d say phase 1 booty changed mine WAY more than anticipated, and phase 2 is continuing the trend, just a little more slowly. I have never had much of a butt to speak of before but now I do and I love it!
  2. Cardio core: same idea as phase 1, minus the standing mountain climbers (thank GOD): 30 seconds of some sort of jumping jacks and 30 seconds of a HIIT move each repeated 3 times followed by an ab exercise. In my opinion, this one is easier than phase 1 but maybe that’s just because I’m stronger this month. I will admit I felt sort of incredible (and dead) when Autumn was congratulating the cast on getting to 6 burpee pushups and I was finishing my 8th!
  3. Total Body Core: the level of complexity of the moves in this one is sometimes a bit much, although that does make it a little bit more intellectually interesting. I like how it burns out individual body parts and follows up each one with a core move, and it’s been fun to be able to do this difficult workout more successfully from week to week.
  4. Legs: I think this one is my favorite! (Although I haven’t done week 4 yet which is basically 60 reps of the same move back to back so maybe ask me again after that.) It’s far less complex than TBC or even AAA and I feel like even with my light-weight-ownership dilemma that I totally burn out pretty much every muscle in my legs with this one, probably due to the fact that half the reps are burnouts done on sliders, which actually are really effective when used in this way. Plus it’s pretty much always the shortest one of the week, which I love.
  5. AAA: a big fat MEH to this one. There are just too many moves to pack into an hour. By the third series in the first round in week one, I was actually sobbing uncontrollably at the thought of having to repeat the entire thing. Thankfully, she drops the burnout moves in the second round and I survived, but it bothers me that it ends up over 60 minutes every week, especially considering that the moves are so packed together that you honestly have to hit pause in order to keep up with all the loop/weight/slider changes. It does get better from week to week, and I have heard that it is actually very good for you to get emotional to the point of crying during a workout. (If that’s not true don’t tell me, because I need to continue to believe it.)
  6. Cardio Flow: this one is so dang boring, I would consider swapping it out for something else if it wasn’t so obviously effective. It’s the same exact moves from phase 1, just repeated 6 times instead of 4. At the beginning of the program when she said we’d be doing 8 reps by the third phase, I was absolutely petrified since it’s literally double the number of reps in essentially the same amount of time. Now I know I’ll be physically able to do it, it’s just the mental endurance aspect that I’m not looking forward to.

I still have the last week of phase 2 to finish. I’m about 10 days behind schedule since I chose not to work out on days that I was on 28 hour call or post-night shift, but I’m back on track with Monday as my new day off. I’m sure with upcoming interview travel there will be delays in getting it done again, but that’s ok with me! I’m also not following the nutrition plan at all since it’s just too complex and restrictive, but I have unintentionally but completely quit eating candy, which is kind of a big deal for me, and I am considering that a nutritional success!

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