80 Day (not exactly) Obsession

Differences: 3 weeks of 21 DFX workouts, stopped snacking, improved sleep schedule, and a few 80 DO workouts. Same: pants, camera, and pager.

I recently finished up 21 Day Fix Extreme for the second time around and have moved on to 80 Day Obsession. I have few thoughts after finishing the first week:

  1. I am not and never will be a beach body coach and I do not want one! I appreciate the offers but I’m just not into the idea.
  2. I also don’t want to try shakeology. Sorry. Vega makes an objectively better and cheaper product and I’d rather my calories come from actual food anyway.
  3. Names like “fix” and “obsession” when it comes to food and lifestyle choices really bother me. When I think of being “obsessed” with food I think of eating disorders and for that reason I wish Autumn et al would have come up with a name that implies that balance is important. Nobody needs orthorexia to live a long and healthy life. In fact, it’s counterproductive.
  4. I may be wrong about this, but whoever has a flexible enough schedule and the mental energy to do the timed nutrition must not have an 80 hour a week job. I physically can’t do it. There are weeks that I can’t meal prep and there are days where eating every 2-3 hours isn’t practical. I’m not one of those people that “forgets to eat” but when you work in an intensive care unit there are times when you can’t just be like “sry brb to finish these chest compressions, gotta go eat my snack!”
  5. I will have to skip the days when I work 28 hours at a time, and I am cool with that. I’ll try to shuffle things around to make them up but I’m not going to be so “obsessed” that I sacrifice sleep pre-call.
  6. I genuinely enjoy cooking and most nights that means I want to make something that isn’t an exact breakdown of macronutrients. If I don’t end up looking like a swimsuit model because I practice the self-care exercise of cooking dinners that I enjoy making and eating and aren’t just fish and sweet potatoes, then so be it.
  7. In general I’m more into the idea of an 80/20 rule than strict no-wine-no-chocolate-no-cookies-no-cocktails-no-anything-delicious for 13 weeks. If I’m out with friends I’m having the drink and when it’s 10pm and I’m on call and everyone is eating the free cookie from ABP I am eating a freaking cookie. However, I did cut out junk food at home which was actually not as hard as I expected it to be.
  8. My rest days are on Friday instead of Sunday. I’m 6x more likely to be tired on a Friday than I am on a Sunday so I scheduled the two 60 minute workouts for my weekend days when I’m at least somewhat more likely to have a day off.
  9. The workouts themselves are great!! They seriously fly by. I was nervous about going from 30 minutes with 21DFX to mostly 45-60 minutes with 80DO, but so far it has not bothered me even a little bit.
  10. I like the live aspect of the workouts. You can’t always hear what the cast are saying (probably would have been a good idea to mic them and edit heavy breathing out) but it makes you feel like you’re really in a class rather home alone.
  11. I love that there’s no music! Full Taylor Swift albums can be played in the background! I used a couple of Autumn’s playlists too and they are pretty good as well.
  12. I work out on my Lululemon The Mat every time. Otherwise the hardwood floors are too painful on my wrists.
  13. Some of the band and slider stuff feels a little gimmicky at times and can be difficult to figure out, and especially with the sliders I felt like I made the moves harder by ditching them. I’m sure with practice it’ll make more sense.
  14. I can honestly say my arms and legs feel more toned and my backside feels more lifted. Can’t say that I see a huge difference visually in my core yet but I am holding planks more easily and I’m sure over the next 74 workouts there will be more of a change. (Also probably would help if I cut out the late night cookies and followed the nutrition plan exactly, but mental health > six pack.)

And then a few thoughts on each workout:

  1. Total Body Core: this is a good circuit workout. The heaviest weights I currently have are 10 pounds and that is probably a little too light. I love writing that because I used to think 3 and 5 pound weights counted as “light” and “heavy.”
  2. Booty: squats on squats on squats with some lunges thrown in for good measure. It does not feel like a full hour, which is good.
  3. Cardio Core: 30 seconds of jumping a theoretical rope and 30 seconds of plyo are repeated 3 times, followed by a core move that usually entails a slider. I could see this getting a little repetitive from week to week but you do work up an incredible sweat.
  4. AAA: another decent circuit workout, and another workout where I am realizing I’ll want more than 10 pound weights by the end of this.
  5. Legs: this workout induces subacute death, in a good way. There is a move where you squat down like you’re tying your shoe at the end of the circuit that I almost didn’t survive.
  6. Cardio Flow: this is neither true cardio nor a yoga flow, so the name confuses me, but I really liked it anyway. It’s basically escalating levels of full body torture (again, in a good way!) and you blink and the workout is over. It’s probably unladylike of me to share this, but I was absolutely dripping sweat by the end.

And that’s my first week! I’m SO excited to use my foam roller tomorrow!

One thought on “80 Day (not exactly) Obsession

  1. I love that you make time for what’s important to you with a balance on not being obsessive. I’m not sure I would have energy to do anything after 80 hour work weeks (probably some to eat cookies though 😂) so that’s amazing!


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