21 Day Fix Extreme Review

I did this whole program about two years ago right before residency started and really loved it, but being at the lighter end of the spectrum even my “maintenance” calories didn’t really feel like enough so I started to bonk towards the end and sort of fell of the bandwagon. (Sorry, 12 almonds do not make up a “snack” when you are starving.) But I did feel like I had a good level of fitness and was glad I didn’t just totally couch potato it before getting to Chicago.

Over the last 2 years, my (super awesome and super cheap) health insurance requires me to get weighed, vitaled, and blood tested annually if I want $400 off my premiums (I do) and it’s been a little disheartening to watch almost every number head in the wrong direction. For example, my good cholesterol used to be higher than my bad cholesterol (this is unusually good) and now it is most definitely not, and I have gained about 4 pounds that I just don’t need in the last 2 years (a trajectory that will set me up to be 200 pounds in 20 years, which would be suboptimal).

So it’s time for me to invite Autumn Calabrese back into my life but with a sustainable amount of food this time around. I’ve been cooking almost exclusively the last two weeks and feel like I’m in a good spot mentally to get back into a workout routine, which to me is more than half the battle when it comes to staying active. I just completed the first week of 21 DFX again and thought I’d jot down some thoughts in case anyone cares.

*Disclaimer that I am NOT and NEVER WILL BE a “beachbody coach” and I do not and will not drink shakeology. Good for you if you choose to have this as a side hustle, but I hate the feeling of the pyramid scheme even though I think beachbody creates some of the best and most scientific programs out there.

Plyo Fix Extreme

This one wrecks your legs in a good way. Taking the L the next day, where elevators are super sketch and stairs are really the only option, was mildly terrifying. There are approximately 1024953 squats in this one and yes, you will feel it even if only using light weights.

Upper Fix Extreme

I have never been a big fan of working out chest and shoulders (mainly because mine are weak) but I like this workout anyway. I would recommend not trying to blow-dry your hair immediately afterward.

Pilates Fix Extreme

I am so used to yoga breathing that pilates always feels kind of backward to me, and the church wrap always seems to get me confused, but this is a great active recovery day mid-week and the more I remember to breathe correctly the more I feel I get out of it.

Lower Fix Extreme

I think this one is my favorite! Obviously your legs are already super sore but this workout pretty much flies by.

Cardio Fix Extreme

I’d rather do resistance than cardio, but I like this one because it will leave you a dripping, sweaty mess. I also like that there are still some weights included, even though it is cardio.

Dirty 30 Extreme

This one is probably my least favorite, just because the moves are a full 60 seconds and my mind starts to wander after about 40. The mixture of moves is either too easy or way too hard – I really hated the bonus move because I straight up cannot do it. Goals maybe?

Yoga Extreme

Yoga is mentally tough for me after I seriously fractured my arm a couple years ago and lost a lot of strength and almost all flexibility in my right wrist. I haven’t been to a real yoga class since then and so this just reminds me of what I wish I was doing but have been too nervous to try. I don’t think Autumn is an RYT, so if you have the time in your day it might be worth swapping this out for a nice yin yoga class at a studio instead.

I’m now trying to psych myself up for 80 Day Obsession, but I don’t like the idea of 60 minute workouts (I’m busy) and calling anything food-related “obsession” borders on disordered eating territory in my mind, which makes me a little uncomfortable. And let’s be honest, I also don’t like the idea of completely missing out on drinks and desserts for 3 months so I might be inclined to do the workouts but follow more of an 80/20 rule for nutrition. I don’t need to look like a swimsuit model! I just want my HDL back up in the 70s where it belongs.

Have you tried any of Autumn’s workouts? Any tips for 80 Day Obsession?

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