Blue Apron Review

A few months ago I decided to try a food-delivery service and after a lot of googling to find out which one would be best, I decided to check out Blue Apron! I’m interested in trying some others like Hello Fresh or Purple Carrot, but for now I’m really happy with my first choice. It’s definitely not something I see myself sticking with long term since it’s kind of on the pricey side for what you get, but it’s a ton of fun for now.


The packaging:

The box is standard corrugated cardboard, but has a nice lift-up lid that opens and closes neatly. Inside is an aluminum cooler bag with two huge ice packs that consistently arrive quite frozen, even on a hot summer day. I have had the unfortunate experience of one of the ice bags rupturing and damaging the cardboard, but even so the food stayed fresh so it wasn’t a huge deal. The food from all three meals are mixed together haphazardly, but everything is individually packaged and the little “knick knacks” of each meal are collected together, along with little pamphlets that include nutritional information, which has been thoughtfully balanced by dietitians.

The food quality:

Everything is really fresh! It’s all stuff I would hand pick from the grocery store, and I am super picky when it comes to visual appeal of my produce. They do send an overabundance of garlic which I find a bit odd.


The recipes:

I am not a good cook at all so I usually make at least one mistake in the recipes… like putting the wrong vegetable into an empanada or putting the whole portion of an ingredient somewhere I was only supposed to use half. So far it hasn’t been a big deal, but the recipes are definitely complex enough that if you’re a total novice like me, mistakes will probably happen! They also seriously underestimate the amount of time it will take me to actually do the cooking. Again, not a big deal because I find cooking to be pretty fun and therapeutic. I’m also learning a lot of cooking techniques and that’s been really nice too. As an aside, the recipes come on nice, 8×11 cardstock that you can keep and use again.


The actual taste:

So far, I have seriously really enjoyed every meal I have tried! I think my favorite might have been the vegetable tartines with cucumber salad on the side. It was probably because there was a recipe included for amazing garlic sourdough toast that I will absolutely make again, but I also really liked the salad that was an elevated take on something my mom made for me a lot when I was growing up.


Overall impression:

For $9.99 a pop (really, $6.67 since 2 servings is actually 3 for me), the amount of work it takes to prepare each meal is a little exorbitant, especially considering I could buy a frozen Amy’s or SweetEarth meal for less that $5 for a similar and way-lower-hassle amount of food. The ability to skip weeks and cancel at any time is helpful, and it’s purely from an enjoyment standpoint that I keep getting meals delivered. It’s definitely worth a try, particularly if you have a discount code!

This is not a sponsored post.

2 thoughts on “Blue Apron Review

  1. I started blue apron myself. So far one delivery and it was ok…. pls give us update once you’ve tried hello fresh or others. I heard about green chef too. But I think green chef is pricier than blue apron.


    1. I actually wrote this a while back and since that time have gotten kind of bored… seems like a lot of the same dishes in different packaging. There have definitely been some hits but I started skipping weeks that had a pasta with red sauce for the umpteenth time!


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