I’m Back!


I know a lot of you from instagram have been wondering over the last year or two where my old blog went! I decided at the end of medical school to take a break from writing publicly as I started residency just because I wanted my online presence to be a little more subtle and grown up than it had been before. I have noticed that I really miss the creative outlet and wanted to start fresh, so here I am! Over time I’m hoping to migrate some of the more useful content onto this site, but I want this blog to have a more professional feel to it with less pictures in bathroom mirrors and more content that is actually meaningful and potentially with some educational value. Please let me know what sorts of things you’d like to read about, as I know there are a plethora of medical blogs and I want this to actually be worth reading in a sea of other writings.

I’ll put the disclaimer here and other places on the blog that any sort of patient care stories I share will have been changed and combined with other stories to make sure I’m HIPAA compliant and protecting the identities of the little humans I take care of. The essence of the what I write I hope will still capture the emotions and realities of being a resident physician, but if you know me in real life, just be aware that the things you know to be true about my life in person may not be always represented the same way in writing.

Welcome to my blog!

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